“Positive Mental Attitude, Work Hard, Have Fun, and Race as a Team”: Debuting GigaOM-ARO Pistachios Men’s Elite Cycling Team

ARO Pistachios has joined GigaOM in co-sponsoring our men’s elite cycling team consisting of 10 racers: David Bangor, Jason Benford, Joseph Ison, Kevin Leong, Naveen Molloy, Gabe Morford, Jaffa Prince, Zachary Scott, Connor Spencer, Travis “T.” Big Kudos to David Bangor from GigaOM-ARO Pistachios who won Topsport Stage Race” this month! The team competes in the highest level of amateur racing known as the “elite” Category 1/2. We got on the inside racing track with our Q&A for the team’s insights, tips, and philosophies in training and achievement.     Q. 1. Describe how the team was conceived and formed.
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