Celebrating the 100 days of Summer

Memorial Day brings to mind happy thoughts of BBQs, warm temperatures, and happy school teachers. :) In the agriculture industry, the school calendar year ends early and starts late to allow all family members to help on the farm. The start date is near Labor Day weekend.

At ARO Pistachios, Inc., we look forward to Labor Day for another reason:  The fleshy pistachio hulls are nearing full maturity and meat kernels inside this hull begin to develop. During the next few weeks the outer hull will dry while the inner kernel will completely fill the inner hull. Outer hulls then dry and are split by the extended hours of California sunshine.

Labor Day will be a last day to enjoy the summer family vacation and signify beginning our busiest time of year. This is the date nature targets for Harvest 2012. We harvest the pistachios, wash, dry and store within 24 hours of removal from the trees. Here is a photo from Harvest 2011 showing this exciting and unique time!

Photo from 09 17 2011 showing half bins of Pistachio Nuts Harvested

Harvest 2011 at ARO Pistachios, Inc. processing plant, located at Orandi Ranch.



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