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Who is ARO?

Adam R. Orandi (ARO) is a hands-on pistachio farmer and pistachio processor. Taught by generations of pistachio grower expertise, his descendants originated from ancient Persia and saplings from that region flourished into the Orandi Ranch orchards. Thorough in every level of operations, as CEO he believes you deserve nut-thing less than the finest pistachio nuts. Jumbo "colossal" fancy graded, our gourmet pistachio nuts are grown and harvested at Orandi Ranch.

Mission & Philosophy

At ARO Pistachios, we continue building on the knowledge of generations of pistachio farming passed down to us while integrating the science and technology of modern farming and food processing standards. Combining old world craftsmanship with state of the art equipment and methodology, our mission is to produce the finest pistachios in the world. We love what we do in this industry and are truly blessed to work with family and friends. In every aspect of both farming and processing pistachio nuts, each day is a learning or teaching opportunity. We maintain a family-like atmosphere in our operation while looking toward the future for healthy growth and responsible land stewardship.

As my father says, "Those before us worked for us, and we work for those to follow."~CEO Adam Orandi

Generations of Expertise

CEO Adam Orandi studied Business Administration at the University of Minnesota. He supplements this with continued education programs in Pistachio Cultivation offered by the University of California, Davis. He completed the first American Pistachio Growers’ Leadership Program and in 2013 was elected by the organization to serve as a board member. During high school and college summers his desire to learn the industry apprenticing with his father, Dr. Mehdi Orandi, launched a career learning all aspects of both pistachio processing and farming.

Dr. Mehdi Orandi with CEO Adam Orandi of ARO Pistachio
Pistachio pioneer Dr. Mehdi Orandi and son, CEO Adam Orandi.

Orandi Ranch Orchards

Our first pistachio trees were planted in 1971 by Dr. Mehdi Orandi, a legendary pistachio-industry pioneer and trailblazer. These trees thrive and flourish in the Orandi Ranch orchards growing three pistachio varieties in Terra Bella, California. These Arya, Kalegoochi, and Kerman varieties are the largest and most flavorful pistachio nuts available.

Dr. Mehdi Orandi brought the Orandi clan to California to plant pistachios which have developed into a multi-family legacy. Varying in age from the oldest most mature trees to newer developing sapling orchards, today the land, trees, and crops are nurtured and maintained by CEO Adam Orandi working alongside his father Mehdi.

Nut-hing replaces teaching like that of a father–son business, forging ahead with innovative crop development and harvesting methods.