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Size, shape, and distinctions among exclusive ARO Pistachio varieties

Arya, Kalegoochi and Kerman are the three varieties of pistachios grown in our orchards at Orandi Ranch.

A pistachio type is called long if the ratio of the length to the greatest diameter is more than 1.5; otherwise, it is called round.

Here is a brief description of our three pistachio varieties: (1) Arya, (2) Kalegoochi, and (3) Kerman. In antiquity pistachios were of the long variety until approximately 70 years ago when the round-shaped pistachio was developed.

Orandi pistachios grow amongst Arya pistachio trees. Orandi is the Iranian or Persian variety of round pistachio nut noted for having an appearance like a hazelnut. This photograph shows the primary female Orandi variety of pistachio trees in early spring, poised for development for fall harvest 2012.   View of the Pistachio Trees next to the ARO Pistachio Home Office.

The specific Orandi variety is traded in some countries as "Round" and this is due to the shape and dimensions.

The Kalegoochi pistachio variety is traded in some countries as "Jumbo" and is also a round pistachio, but noted for its large size. Kerman is an American pistachio variety and is the most common grown in California. NOTE: The Kerman is planted with Randy male pistachio trees. ;)

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