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More green seen at Orandi Ranch

ARO Pistachios consists of our business offices and our production facility situated on a 40-acre parcel of land which also includes orchards of our pistachio trees.  The Omadi and Arya pistachio trees from our office views are already showing budding on the male trees and leaves on the females. This green is as vibrant as the pistachio nuts themselves. We took some pictures of both male and female pistachio trees. We strongly support equal opportunity of the sexes! :)

Photo showing green leaves on a female Pistachio Tree

Green leaves on a 25-year old

ARO Pistachios also grows Kerman and Kalegoochi varieties of pistachios. Kerman pistachios will be at this development phase between two to three weeks later than the other varieties.

25-year-old Pistachio Trees

Green showing on 25-year-old mature pistachio trees.

Our smallest orchard ranch has excellent male budding already evident.

Photo of a male pistachio tree on Ranch 7.

]Close-up photo showing Male Pistachio Bud

Detail view of male pistachio buds.

This female tree is close enough that the male above will pollinate this female.

Photo of Female Pistachio

Female pistachio tree on Ranch 7.

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