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Nature at Work: Green and Rose Cluster photograph documentation

As we promised, here are some photos of the clusters of ARO Pistachios located in our Orandi Ranch orchards. Some of the photos may appear upside down, but they are correctly oriented. Pistachio clusters grow upwards and drop as they fill. Green clusters already show some of the same markings (stripes) as seen on the harvested and roasted shells. Nuts will fill the fleshy hulls between now through late summer. California sunshine will dry the hulls causing them to split open naturally! This truly is Nature at work. Double clicking on the first photo will open up a slide show. The larger size photos show the depth of color already seen on the pistachio trees, genus species Pistacia vera.


These views depicts the upwardly growing cluster with rosy and green pistachio hulls starting their journey to maturity for fall harvest, and, ultimately, to our facility. From our orchards to your plates, indeed!

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