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Fresno Food Expo 2013: ARO Pistachios exhibits at California's agricultural capital

CEO Adam Orandi at the Fresno Food Expo

The Fresno Convention Center was transformed into an agricultural showcase hosting the 3rd annual Fresno Food Fair on Thursday, March 14th, 2013. ARO Pistachios, Inc. joined nearly 200 regional food and wine exhibitors meeting with over 640 industry grocers, purveyors, international buyers, and hundreds more comprising the foodie public.

The event was broadcast throughout the day enticing over 1,000 ticket-paying attendees over the course of the evening portion. ARO Pistachios highlighted the benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt and our small batch roasting with Why Pink? sprinkled throughout our booth. Himalayan Pink Salt contains a higher mineral and trace element content while a lower sodium content compared to sodium chloride or sea salt. Everyone delighted in sampling and seeing Himalayan Pink Salt up close, commenting that it really is pink!

Next year's show is slated for July 2014. The Expo is expected to dramatically increase in size by conducting it in summer thus allowing for even more seasonal products to be introduced to the public. See you there!

Fresno Food Expo 2013 ARO Pistachios, Inc. booth exhibit


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