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Winter Wonderland at ARO Pistachio

Have you been good?

"All good things come to those who wait," is wise but consider too, "Life is short!" The Holiday Season is an excellent time to indulge in healthy gifts you've waited for all year and pistachios elevate this momentum through the New Year! FESTIVE STOCKINGS

*Stock Up* and *Stuff Stockings* with 5LBS, 2LBS, 1LB, and 6OZ bags of gourmet ARO Pistachios.

Jumbo (aka Colossal) grade grower's reserve pistachios to compliment every gift and holiday party. Don't have time to shop and ship? Give the Gift of Good Taste.

Farmed on-site from branch to bag to you, gourmetĀ ARO Pistachios are chosen from our grower's reserve. Naturally colossal (aka jumbo), savory, and rich in nutrition, be confident in knowing ARO Pistachios are gourmet fancy graded and perfectly roasted---exclusively---with Himalayan Pink Salt. Always a hit on the buffet table, a memorable hostess gift, and a savory alternative to bringing wine, ARO Pistachios are a statement gift.

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