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Wedding Bells at ARO Pistachios & Orandi Ranch


"J U S T M A R R I E D" country romance meets pistachio love at the wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Pamela Orandi, May 24, 2014, Springville Ranch, Central California.

Wedding Bells rang throughout the pistachio orchards at ARO Pistachios announcing the marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Adam & Pamela Orandi. The country wedding ceremony was an intimate gathering of nearest and dearest friends and family who traveled from across the United States and spanned the globe from Canada to New Zealand for the nuptials.

The couple received beautiful sentiments and best wishes on their marriage and the ceremony began with a special tribute in memorial of Mrs. Kate Orandi, beloved Mother-of-the-Groom. Guests mingled during a cocktail reception in the stables breezeway of Springville Barn followed by a banquet reception that overflowed late into the night in the barn's magnificent loft.


A Newlywed BBQ Brunch was hosted at Orandi Ranch by Dr. Mehdi Orandi and wife Mrs. Dokhi Orandi and parents of the bride, Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Eveline Heath. Guests toured the pistachio orchards and dined amongst the trees, and everyone received gourmet pistachios and a vintage horse shoe for good luck!

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