California Gourmet Pistachios crafted with Himalayan Pink Salt  •  855-535-1500

Father's Day Pistachios: Deliver an exceptional delicacy!

Gourmet California colossal ARO Pistachios, expertly roasted and crafted with Himalayan Pink Salt. Deliver an exceptional statement gift. Ships direct from the farm with your complimentary gift message.

*** Vegan *** GlutenFree *** non gmo *** Kosher **** no trans fat *** American Heart Healthy

***The signature blockbuster, our biggest seller and best price per pound, impressive 5 LBS for new or seasoned pistachio connoisseurs. Convenient resealable packaging for anytime snacking.


***Surprise with the new Dynamic Duo, a combo of gourmet 2.5 LBS kernels and 2 LBS gourmet dry-roasted Himalayan Pink Salt in-shell colossal pistachios. Offered in air-tight resealable containers for easy party pouring and storage.


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