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ARO Pistachios Honored as People's Choice New Product Award Recipient by Fresno Food Expo!

ARO Pistachios Wins People's Choice New Product Award 2016 at Fresno Food Expo: Wow! ARO Pistachios Gourmet Power Trio of sizes wins big for innovation in food and package design! Click here to read more!

FRESNO FOOD EXPO 2016: Come Sit at Our Table

A massive THANK YOU to Fresno Food Expo for inviting ARO Pistachios to participate in California's premiere local foodie and regional buyer event---New Products Awards Show---showcasing the finest in local food and beverage! And very big props to Baker Peterson Franklin for award presentation.

It is a huge honor to receive People's Choice New Product Award for food innovation and package design for our signature product: family-farmed XL JUMBO California-grown pistachio nuts roasted to perfection with nutrient-dense Himalayan pink salt.

Superfun & Superfans. CEO Adam Orandi, a 6th-generation pistachio farmer who operates the full-service pistachio farming and processing operation in Terra Bella, Calif., was ecstatic with the win! 

"This is an incredible acknowledgement by our family, friends, supporters, and the superfans who love our pistachios! To receive such an honor is a great win and a great team builder for us. The power of synergy!," according to Adam Orandi. "To receive votes from our fans---for each of them to take time on our behalf---is an awesome feeling and we hope they know it's their support that has come through for us."

ARO Pistachios debuted the Power Trio:

● Power Snack size 3.5 OZ/100 g for on-the-go convenience

● Power Pack of 10.5 OZ/300 g for BIG snacking (resealable)

● Power Bulk 4.4 LB/2 kg, an impressive best rate per LB (resealable) 

Some for now when you just can't wait, some for later, and some to last you awhile.

Voted winning product at this year's show, the trio of Gourmet ARO Pistachios competed against 32 other regional products that spanned literally from soup (condiments) to nuts (pistachios, almonds, and walnuts)!

SHOW ATTENDANCE & DETAILS: The 2016 Fresno Food Expo drew approximately 1,000 in attendance for the evening event. Votes for People's Choice New Product Award totaled 3,954 votes with 1,003 for Gourmet ARO Pistachios. Foodies enjoyed the "Come Sit at Our Table" farmer's market vibe at this year's show and #expolicious competitive chef/restaurant challenge using ingredients provided by show exhibitors! www.fresnofoodexpo.com 

Fresno Food Expo ARO Pistachios Booth #48

ARO Pistachios is a proud member of American Pistachio Growers and American Quality Pistachios! 

American Pistachio Growers, California Pistachios

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