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California Food Expo grows from Fresno Food Expo

On July 26, California Food Expo officially grew out of Fresno Food Expo. Expanding steadily in both exhibitors and attendance, the Expo now showcases growers and producers spanning the entire Golden State. 

The annual event is held the last Thursday of July at the Fresno Food Expo and will remain at this central location. In addition to exquisite exhibitor booths sampling the best of the best food and beverage products, the Expo also hosts "Expolicious" which is an evening foodie event.

In 2016 the Expo recognized ARO Pistachios as the "People's Choice Best New Product Award" for both food innovative and packaging. As of 2018, the award category is now split into two distinctly separate awards, respectively. 

According to California Food Expo: "Our evolution is poised to bring more business opportunities to California food & beverage companies and will reflect the diversity and strength of California's food industry."

ARO Pistachios was delighted to exhibit and offered all attendees samples of Gourmet ARO Pistachios, California-grown and family-farmed Colossal Pistachio Nuts from the Arya variety. This variety is the top 2--5% of the pistachios we farm and the pairing of Himalayan Pink Salt in roasting complements these jumbo nuts. KOSHER VEGAN NONGMO GLUTENFREE and American Heart Check Certified Heart-Healthy

Gourmet ARO Pistachio Nuts


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