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Pistachio nuts grow in drupes of heavy grape-like clusters surrounded by a fleshy pink hull. Pistachio trees, Pistacia vera, derive their translation from the Persian word for pistachio, variations of "pesteh" in Farsi. Pistachio trees are wind-pollinated and not bee-pollinated, with one male tree producing enough pollen for 25 nut-bearing female trees. Female trees begin producing their first crop at age seven and commonly bear fruit for over 100 years. With their deep root system, pistachio trees survive and thrive in a high-desert, arid climate required to consistently produce their fruit.

Natural Farming

Gourmet ARO Pistachios are selected from the top percent of our heirloom orchards. Every harvest only the most pristine and colossal pistachio nuts are distinguised for our brand delivering the best delicacy. ARO Pistachios exist in their natural state under our stewardship and Good Agricultural Practices at Orandi Ranch. We respect Nature's time required to split pistachios on the trees by the California sunshine. We never induce or expedite this process with artificial means. Nor do we introduce dyes to enhance shades, colors, or textures. Each nut is expertly roasted in small batches with utmost quality assurance and each kernel is the color we know as "pistachio green" naturally due to its rich amount of the chlorophyll phytonutrient. Our shells are also true to their natural shades and texture.

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Seasonal Development

In late Summer pistachio trees reach peak seasonal growth and nuts are harvested. By early Winter the trees "sleep" and become dormant until Spring. Trees require a minimum number of "chilling hours" known as the consecutive days when temperatures remain < 45f degrees. Trees exhibit bud break during Spring and shoots appear. Development progresses with leaves and beginnings of the nut hulls that become drupes, much like a peel containing the shell and nut (called "meat") within that shell.

In this cycle, Summer returns and pistachio trees are lush, full, and dense with leaves allowing for peak photosynthesis with the progression of longer hours of sunlight and warmer temperatures. The bright green color of the pistachio nut is developing and observed in the harvested nut. This distinctive green is due to high chlorophyll content of extremely beneficial plant-based chemicals. These phytonutrients, evident in various hues, fortify immune systems, aid in prevention and lowered risk of diseases, and benefit the body's intricate systems.







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