Nutrition Pistachio-ology

ARO Pistachio nuts are expertly roasted and seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt for heightened nutrition benefits.

ARO Pistachio nuts are expertly roasted and seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt for heightened nutrition benefits.


Pistachio-ology. Pistachios grow in heavy, grape-like clusters surrounded by a fleshy pink hull. Pistachio trees, Pistacia vera, derive their translation from the Persian word for pistachio, variations of “pesteh” in Farsi. Pistachio trees are wind-pollinated, with one male tree producing enough pollen for 25 nut-bearing female trees. Female trees can bear fruit for over 100 years.Pistachio nut clusters ripening on the branch.















Natural Farming. From start to finish, ARO Pistachios exist in their natural state under the stewardship and management of CEO Adam Orandi at our Orandi Ranch. Grown in our orchards, cultivated, harvested, and processed on-site, our pistachios remain as closely possible to their natural state. We respect Nature’s time required to organically split pistachios on our trees by the California sunshine. We never induce or expedite this process with artificial means. Nor do we introduce dyes to enhance shades, colors or textures. Whether ARO Pistachios are roasted in-shell or raw kernels, either will remain the color we know as “pistachio green” naturally. This green hue is the high chlorophyll nutrient contents in each nut. Equally important, our shells also remain true to their natural shades and texture. What you see is what you get!

Certifications. ARO Pistachios are naturally vegan and gluten-free and never genetically modified.
ARO Pistachios are both Kosher and American
Heart Association (AHA) Certified.
ARO Pistachios as A Superfood: Nutrition Facts. We agree with the American Heart Association certification further recognizing ARO Pistachios as a Super Food. But how do ARO Pistachios compare with other Super Foods?Here’s the savory goodness and good news provided in one serving of ARO Pistachios:



  • Note: Instead of using sodium chloride for seasoning or even sea salt, ARO Pistachios exclusively seasons with Himalayan Pink Salt which contains over 84 trace minerals and elements.
    Himalayan Pink Salt has overwhelming beneficial properties.

    Himalayan Pink Salt has overwhelming beneficial properties.

Studies. Visit the USDA National Nutrient Database to see the complete overall Nutritional Data determined for Pistachios, for dry roasted or raw kernels, salted or unsalted. (Note: In interpreting this data, remember that ARO Pistachios are the only pistachios available exclusively seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt, which includes the higher nutrient value and lower sodium value than in this USDA chart.)

Taste, texture, and nutritional value fortify ARO Pistachios as a
super-yummy super food! Snack with guilt-free gusto!

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